kde desktop fried

openSUSE 11.0 x86
i wasn’t quite sure which section to post this in. i can’t believe i’m the only person that has experienced this either.

after i updated to kde 4.1.69 several days ago it apparently fried my desktop.

upon successful log in i immediately get the “gray screen of death”. it may be plasma related cuz i can login & use kde fine with an icewm session.

i backed up my .kde4 directory & then logged back into kde to force it back to the default settings. then i made my usual customization changes (a whole lot of them) & got the same (gray screen) problem after logging out & back into kde.
(i always have desktop effects disabled btw).

is there a log somewhere that i can check that might record why kde is bugging out?

upon successful log in i immediately get the “gray screen of death”. it may be plasma related
But any plasma crash errors??

What graphics card do you have?

Have you tried renaming .kde4 to .OLDkde4 from a icewm session, then try kde4 again. It starts from scratch.

no plasma crash errors.

i have an intel i845g integrated graphics chip running with the intel driver.

i said that i did exactly that. (the renaming/backup procedure).

echoes -

Look at the bottom of 'caf4926’s post and you’ll see that he
is running KDE 4.1.2 (release 45.1). And, that’s exactly what
I’m running too.

So, the question is: what repos are you getting
4.1.69 from? My guess is that you are getting from
‘unstable’ and that’s why they are called that!?

Sounds like you have the unstable versions that are up to 4.1.69.
The stable 4.1 is a lower version.
What I would do is backup your .kde again. And reinstall only using the stable repos here
You might have to do a bit of dependency juggling to get to work. I know from experience as i did just that the other day


yeah the 4.1.6x packages are from unstable.

i think i will do that geoffro. hopefully i won’t run into any incompatibilities between 4.1.2 & 4.1.69. (if i’m fortunate).

sorry for the double post, but…
i’ve deleted the kde trunk dev repo & added the repo with 4.1.2. i’ve never had to do this before in opensuse, so how do i downgrade my kde packages from 4.1.69 to 4.1.2?

btw, i need to do this with zypper as yast’s package management module is hosed at the moment.

You may be able to get Yast back with this:

zypper in -f yast*

zypper page here: Zypper/Usage/11.0 - openSUSE

or from a terminal: man zypper

You can do it with yast from init 3 by logging in as root and typing yast. However i think you will get more guidance using zypper which also can be run in ini3 as root


had to do yast2 not yast*, but it didn’t fix the problem. the problem is the same one i was having when i was testing 11.1:
click on “Software Management” & it says:
Error while creating client module sw_single. similar error with all yast2 modules.

the current version of yast2 i have installed is 2.16.71-6.1. where can i find the previous version of the package before 2.16.71-6.1?

thanks, good to know but i am already using zypper. my question is how do i downgrade my kde 4.1.69 packages to version 4.1.2 with zypper?

You can do it with yast from init 3 by logging in as root and typing yast.
Have you tried this? Suggested by geoffro earlier.

At boot clear any boot arguments in the boot line and just type the number : 3

then at login, do so as root
then type:

Try zypper dup -l (that’s a small L not a 1)


that answers my question. thanks! i’ll try it and report back.

it worked. i had to uninstall some extraneous kde4 packages from kde community but it worked.

thanks again everyone for your help.