((KDE) Desktop folder view not showing

I set my deskto to “folder view” and to display the desktop folder, but after install the proprietary driver for my GTX 650 Ti, everything is gone at boot up. I can set my desktop to be another type though, then switch it back to “folder view” and everything is there until the next reboot

Not quite sure what you mean. Folder view is a widget which, by default, displays the Desktop folder but can be set to display any folder.

Are you saying that the widget disappears every time you reboot?

If you right click on the desktop, and select settings (bottom menu item), then you get to choose the “View”. One of the options is “Folder”, and I think that was called “Folder View” in earlier KDE releases.

I think that is what the OP is asking about.

Try this:

  1. Logout from KDE
  2. Login to Icewm.
cd /var/tmp 
rm -rf kde-cache-$USER
  1. Log back into KDE and see if things are better.