KDE desktop context menu - how to create new docs

I have searched high and low for what is probably a simple answer … how does one include an option under ‘Create New’ for a libreoffice document … or any other i might add … all i get is 'New … Folder, Text File, HTML doc … is there some way i can expose ‘New’ from other applications in this context menu.


The way that I would create a new LibreOffice document, is to start LibreOffice from the main menu.

Indeed! … however, right clicking the desktop and choosing “Create New” Libre Document would be a lot quicker and more easily acessible … the menu is there! … by right clicking one can create new “Text File, HTML File” … how does one create new spreadsheet (for example) in a similar manner :question:

Creating a new document file is a lot more complicated then a new text or html file. It requires the loading of the actual word processor. For text/html style files you just need an empty file handle. FOR WP you need a complex data structure even for an empty document.

Why would that be different? Or more complicated? In all cases it’s no more than opening an application with an empty file/doc. In the olden days we could add service menus, why not now?

The closest I’ve seen is a package called ‘dolphin-libreoffice-templates’ which consists of .desktop files and some blank LO files (including Text.odt), that provides a contextual menu to create LibreOffice documents from Dolphin. It’s not provided (currently) as an official openSUSE package, but it’s only a noarch package with the aforementioned files, so should install OK. (It’s safe to ignore the warnings presented.)


In an effort to assist, I installed it and after logging out and back in, I now have the contextual menu in Dolphin that includes options to create various LO documents. Hope that helps.

That’s what I meant, couldn’t find it though.