KDE Desktop boots to a black screen

Earlier today I installed KDE on my machine that had LXDE running using

zypper install -t pattern kde4 kde4_basis

And then I proceeded to remove LXDE via terminal. Now When I boot up, it shows the KDE loading screen and then shows a black screen with only a mouse. I rebooted and went into advanced options and it loads in safe mode but its extremely slow… any help would be great that would avoid reinstalling lol!

Thanks in advance!

Please let us know version of openSUSE, etc.

This sounds like a graphic driver problem, so also let us know what graphic card you have.

You probably need to install the correct driver, but we can’t guess which one without more information.

Okay so it’s openSUSE 13.1, KDE 4 and the card is a Mobility Radeon X300. And like I said it was working fine before I messed with it so it’s definitely something I broke…

At login
Change the session to lxde
Is there still a problem?

It doesn’t let me do anything. It loads up normally, and then I guess it is set to auto-login because it shows that square and starts to fade in with the HDD picture, wrench and screw driver, the globe, the desktop image and then the KDE logo and then it comes up black.

Either disable auto login (you said you can load safe mode, which would give you access to yast to do this)
As kde loads to where the screen goes black- try pressing Alt+SHIFT+F12
This toggles desktop effects off/on

Two things I can think of:

  • when KDE is started (so black), try Alt+F2. If you get a prompt type “kwin --replace”. Maybe this gives you a GUI
  • if not (and I understood this is your first KDE-install - so you don’t have any personal settings): open a terminal (like Alt+Ctrl+F1), login in with your username and type “mv ~/.kde4 ~/.kde4.backup”. Log into KDE and see if it’s working. if not redo it in the terminal with “rm -R ~/.kde4” and “mv ~/.kde4.backup ~/.kde4”

I couldnt get it to work, I even booted into IceWM and removed and reinstalled KDE through the terminal and nothing was working so I just reinstalled it…:beat-up:

Thanks for the assistance though!

Do you have a running KDE-installation now?
If so, what did you do? Maybe someone else finds this threat and can benefit from your experiences.