KDE desktop blurred after app run under Wine crashed

On openSUSE 11.1.

I installed Wine, d/l several MS games, some worked and some didn’t. Bookworm ran fine at first, then crashed and now my desktop is weird. I am using KDE 4.?? I think (I’m not sure exactly how to know which version.) Other users’ desktops seem to be unaffected.

When I log in the desktop screen looks the same as it always did, then it goes black and a blurred version of the desktop comes up. All apps have a blurred appearance.

I have uninstalled all MS apps except for Email Stripper. Before I do anything more I thought I should ask for pointers as to what the problem is. I’m thinking uninstall Email Stripper and maybe even remove Wine? I don’t think Wine itself is the problem because it’s so widely used and the problem only started after the Bookworm game crashed. In case it is useful to know, this is where I d/l the game: BookWorm - Free Game Download.

If I’ve asked in the wrong place, please tell me the appropriate forum. I will gladly try to supply any other info that is needed for someone who is willing to help me try to fix this. Thanks.

I fixed this. In case anyone else encounters this or a similar problem:

Configure desktop
Session manager
Select Start with empty session

It occurred to me that some setting was being remembered and this would cause it to be forgotten. Whatever the real explanation is, this worked.