[KDE] Desktop background gone MIA

I messed up a little with KDE, so I decided to rename the .kde4 folder in my home to reset my desktop to normal settings.
Then I found out how to fix in a simpler way the problem and renamed .kde4OLD back to .kde4.

Since then I haven’t been able to set a background other than the green opensuse-thingy that is used also as bootsplash.

What I do:

  • right click on the desktop
  • Desktop settings
  • View
  • Choose a background (default or custom is the same)
  • Reboot/Log out

And all I get is that same background.

Any idea on how to fix this? 'Tis quite annoying…

login to icewm or to a virtual console
cd /var/tmp

rm -rf kdecache-$USER

Then login to KDE again, to see if that fixed the problem.

I don’t know for sure whether that will work. However, it has solved similar strange problems for me. It looks as if the session cache can occasionally become corrupted.

Thank you for your answer!

Sorry I didn’t answer earlier, but apparently I forgot to set my subscription… :embarrassed:

Anyway, it did not work…