KDE Dekstop Problem

I got my problem with KDE Desktop. I’m using openSUSE 11.2 and KDE 4.4, when I make updates to my YaST repositories. I am a full file system usage in. / then I delete the file / var / tmp, because large files up to 4 GB. KDE Desktop then I could not run ranymore.

I was googling and found KDE/KDE4 - openSUSE
when I try to execute this command:

kquitapp plasma-desktop> / dev / null 2> & 1
kstart plasma-desktop &> / dev / null 2> & 1

KDE Desktop can run normally but does not like the first time before the crash. And my KDE Desktop not automatic start.

Where an i found log from KDE DEsktop. I had searched on /var/log/messages, /var/log/kdm.

And how the best solution if I want to restore OPensuse.?

Please help because this is very important!
Thank for your appreciate

Your post is pretty hard to understand… if I got you right, you removed the entire /var/tmp-folder, which was quite a bad idea. /var/tmp contains temporary data which yet shall survive a reboot, for example some important configuration files. I don’t see an easy way do solve this except by using a backup.