KDE customized?


I enjoy KDE along with some of the other desktops but my preference is to have a menu like in KDE 3.3.x along with that general workflow (icons and all). is there a way to take the plasma 5 desktop and allow me to customize certain parts of it to follow the KDE 3.3.x flows. To me, consistency is everything :slight_smile: and KDE 3 is what I learned on and KDE 4+ just has thrown me for a loop :slight_smile:

Right click the menu starter. Choose the alternative menu style, which works pretty much like the KDE3 menu I’ve used more than 15 years, like Windows 9x. Unfortunately, most frequent/recent are in a submenu rather than a selectable length extension above the main menu, which is among the many reasons KDE3 remains my primary DE.

Unlock widgets (right click desktop)

Right click menu icon

Select Alternatives

Select Application menu which should give you a more KDE 3 feel

relock widgets


it has been fixed! I swear you all are the best :slight_smile: