kde crashes on delete

New to openSUSE, and I have a strange problem. If I open a file on KDE4’s Desktop, close it, and try to delete it (red X), KDE sometimes crashes. I’m using the new 11 distro.

Any ideas?

It’s probably not KDE crashing, just plasma, which is a layer that runs on top of KDE (although an important one, it’s similar to explorer crashing in Win XP, which can appear to bring down your desktop). The workaround is similar to Windows, you need to re-launch plasma. You can press Alt-F2 to get the krunner window (for launching applications), and enter “plasma”.

As for why it’s happening, I can’t say. You can try opening a bug report, but if it’s a widespread issue, you should also stay on top of your updates, because I’m sure there will be one to address it then.

Hope this helps…


Had some strange issues with KDE themes and made the jump to Gnome. As far as stability, I like it alot.

This problem no longer appears in KDE 4.1. Enable the KDE 4 factory repo in Community Repos and upgrade. You’ll like it alot.