KDE Connect basic setup question

It makes perfect sense to me that my computer and my smartphone must be on the same network in order for KDE Connect to work. My question is how to achieve this.

My PC is a desktop PC, connecting to the local network, etc. via wired ethernet. The local network connects to the Internet via my local server which handles, mail, serving some web pages, etc. etc. (that is probably not relevant) My phone is a Galaxy S5.

Somewhere around here I have an ASUS USB bluetooth adapter. Would plugging that into my PC provide the necessary connectivity?

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You need WIFI router ,which will make them in one network

you need a wireless router connected to that lan and your device connected to that router
I have my desktop connected to my wireless router (it’s got 1 lan port) and my phone and tablet can talk to opensuse
one more thing you need to do is go in yast->firewall and enable the kdeconnect service as the service is blocked by default they won’t see each other

according to the kdeconnect devs bluetooth pairing should work but I haven’t tried it as my desktop has no bluetooth, some users have reported issues with bt connection it could be that you still need to enable the kdeconnect service in the firewall as even tho the physical connection is 802.16 the network is IP based

In my house, my wifi network and wired network use the same router so, they are on the same network. I too have a Galaxy S5 and it works extremely well with both Tumbleweed and Leap versions of openSUSE.

Here are instructions that will get you thru the process of setting it up properly.


I have verified the instructions are still valid.

The big hang up that I have had in the past is ensuring that the ports are open in the firewall to allow traffic between the openSUSE device and the Android device.

Hope this helps.