KDE confuses Wacom Intuos Pro tablet for a joystick

I have just bought a Wacom Intuos Pro tablet, and wanted to try it out under Linux. It does work, I was able to configure gimp with pressure sensitivity and also the eraser works out of the box (which does not under Windows :slight_smile: ).
It is also working in the desktop environment: as a pen it controls the mouse absolute, and as a touch input, it controls it relative.
What does not work is the buttons on the side of the tablet; what I wanted to configure.

I had to install the kcm-tablet my own, and after installation, the configuration panel still did not appeared in the KDE system configurations.
openSUSE installed a tool called Wacom Tablet finder, which successfully finds my tablet, and recognize it.
Searching for this on the internet, I’ve found someone having a similar issue with KDE 5, with the addition that it is being recognized as a joystick. I checked the joystick configuration, and indeed, my tablet is listed as a joystick there. I do not know if it was working for him otherwise, like for me.

I also find this rule file (https://gist.github.com/denilsonsa/978f1d842cf5430f57f6) that will disable my tablet, but I do not know if it would completely disables it or just disables it as a joystick.

While it is not a burning matter for me, as the tablet is still working, but since I’ve saw images on the internet of it fully working, I would like to achieve hat. (Success story: http://www.nass3r.com/wacom-intuos.html )
Can anyone assist me fixing this issue?

Yast hardware information recognizes it as an Generic USB Mouse, and as Intuos5 Touch L. I do not know if that is correct. Like the model name is being queried from the driver instead of the device, but the driver is still correct… or not?

I am using:
openSUSE Leap 42.1
Wacom Intuos Pro L