KDE configuration messed-up a bit. Fix advice?


I am installing 11.1 on my system with the following configuration:

sda4 - swap
sda5 - /home
sda6 - / (11.1)
sda7 - / (existing 10.3)

Okay, so I am on my third install. First one went alright, but I went to install my Nvidia drivers using the one-click setup, and I ended up with a desktop that looks like this

Picasa Web Albums - EmaKhaya - Screenshot

I wasn’t sure how to fix it, so I thought re-running the install after a reformat of sda6 would do the trick. No dice, so I am guessing the install of NVIDIA did something to the KDE configuration file in my /home on SDA5, but not sure how to muck about with that to fix it.

This if of course taken before I made another attempt at the NVIDIA drivers. I am on an HPDV6500T with an NVIDIA GEFORCE 8400 M.

Any suggestions on this?


Your KDE4 settings are stored in the .kde4 folder in your home directory. Delete or rename this folder (preferably in runlevel 3). The next time you run KDE4 that folder will be recreated with the default settings.

I guess you share your home directory between opensuse 10.3 and 11.1. If you previously ran an older version of KDE4 on opensuse 10.3 your .kde4 directory may be messed up. In KDE4.1_beta, I had the same problem of strange rearrangement of icons. Removing .kde4 did the trick for me. Good luck!

Perfect, thanks, that did the trick! I simply deleted .kde4 (10.3 is on KDE 3.5.9).