KDE cant mount external disk after update

Just when I thought that my 11.4 work flawlessly, I found that after update of KDE to 4.6.3 (4.6.3) “release 4”, device manager cannot mount my USB external drive.

It finds it, I click “open in file manager”, it says “cannot mount transcend drive”
I had to mount it manually.

Anyone else with same problem? How to resolve it?

Did you see this post here about a similar sounding problem?

Mounting ntfs formatted usb external hdd in Tumbleweed

Look at message #7 for a possible solution for you.

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Yap, that resolved problem. Just simple file edit :slight_smile:

solution is here: Mounting ntfs formatted usb external hdd in Tumbleweed

I think this is a related problem,but I can’t resolve it. I have a machine on which I’ve installed 11.4, and I find that after mounting a usb ntfs drive certain directories can’t be read.

I’ve added the ntfs line to /etc/filesystems as recommended elsewhere, but even after the drive mounts successfully, a few subdirectories on that drive are unreadable, showing no files when in fact there are many. The ls command says
“Invalid or incomplete multibyte or wide character”
for these directories. They work fine under 11.3 installations.

Anyone know why this would be?

After reading the many entries on this error, it sounds like an invalid language character, possible in a file or directory name. What language are you using normally?

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Well that’s the thing. I use bog-standard English. One directory is full of music files – mp3, m4a sort of thing – and I suppose there may be an odd character in there somewhere, but not the top level directory. Named “music”. And the drive works fine on other machines including, e.g., those running OpenSUSE 11.3.