KDE calendar doesn't show birthdays from Kontacts

Greetings, when I add a birthday to a contact in Konact, I expect it would show up in the PIM calendar. The birthday calendar has a check box in it. Suggestions on how to troubleshoot/fix would be greatly appreciated.

I’ve since done a dist-upgrade to 11.4, so everything is fully up-to-date on KDE suse 11.4, but still birthdays that are added to my contacts do not show up in the calendar, even when it is checked.

Making it default calendar has no effect, nor does changing it from read only. Also, when it is not read only new entries can’t be added to the bday calendar.

I have posted this question to the mailing list and did not receive a response either, so I have filed it as a new bug:

Bug 681396 - Kmail’s calendar doesn’t show birthday’s entered in Kmail’s Kontacts

A fellow on the bug reporting site found the solution. Open up kde’s control center, open Personal Information, select Contact from the drop down, and add an ‘akonadi resource’. Tell it to sync, apply and all should work just fine now in opensuse 11.4