KDE Bug 354230 - Blocking calls from PlasmaNM to BlueZ

I’ve used openSUSE on my x86-64 Lenovo Z570 laptop since version 12.-something, and it has always run really well. However, since installing Tumbleweed KDE at the end of 2016 I’ve had to wait for a minute or more before the Plasma desktop becomes usable.

After about half a minute, the wallpaper shows up, then any folders I may have parked on the desktop, then after about another half a minute, the panel reluctantly appears and a network connection is established. After that, everything works fine.

Trawling around the internet, I discovered the above mentioned bug report (relating to Kubuntu) which fits the symptoms I’m experiencing exactly.

I understand the problem giving rise to the bug report to have been that during boot up Plasma NM was looking for Bluetooth adaptors, and where none was found, took a long time to time out. My own machine does not have Bluetooth.

My wife has Tumbleweed on her Entroware Triton, which does have Bluetooth, and she does not experience this issue at all – it boots up to the desktop in seconds.

The bug was supposed to have been fixed in 2015 (I assume the fix would have been KDE-wide, not just for Kubuntu…?).

As I have no Bluetooth adaptor, would I create other issues for myself if I were to uninstall and make taboo all of the bluez packages? If it worked, it would be more of a workaround than a fix, though, and as I type this I’m beginning to ask myself whether a more up-to-date version of plasmaNM might be found in the KDE openSUSE additional repo? But surely a bug fixed in 2015 would have made it to Tumbleweed long ago?

Thank you for any suggestions. Apologies in advance if I don’t respond to replies immediately - at work.