KDE Audio Volume does not find devices anymore.....

I have a desktop running Leap 15.2 which I only use randomly. Loudspeakers are connected to the back of the desktop, however, I had to use the front-plugs for a video call recently (which worked). My guess is that since then KDE audio reports that it does not find any devices.

Installed pavucontrol, that finds devices. And sound devices are working. So the KDE audio is more a cosmetic issue, anyhow I would like to solve it.

Any idea where to look for?

In YaST, check that, all audio hardware in enabled/activated.
Check the hardware cables from the Mainboard to the front-panel connectors – you’ll need detailed Mainboard documentation – the Mainboard pin to audio cable alignment is sometimes more than a little bit difficult …

Done that already, sound card 0 is a 100 Series/C230 Series Chipset Family HD Audio Controller (Intel standard I would say) and wiring is OK as well.
Even when I plug into the front jack, nothing is recognized by KDE. Guess I will open a KDE bug…