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Seven Things You Can Do in KDE (But Not on Other Linux Desktops) - Datamation

I started using Linux in 2000 with KDE 1.1.2 and was astonished to find how much more accomplished it was than Windows 98. So I didn’t even bother to examine the Linux alternatives. I suspect that, for many GNOME users, their desktop is more accomplished than Windows - so why change?

BSDuser wrote:
> ‘Seven Things You Can Do in KDE (But Not on Other Linux Desktops) -
> Datamation’ (http://tinyurl.com/n5uwrsj)
Here are my observations based on the articles. Let us break some of the
myths promulgated by the article

==>KDE like Activities are present in GNOME Shell too . Shell offers a
desktop icons less and a with desktop mode. Shell also offers a way of
bringing back old gnome2 like interface(fallback).

==>GNOME shell has a lot of menus ==>

==>Configure Multiple Item Clipboards. Parcellite can do this on GNOME

==> Manage Fonts from the Desktop <== we can change fonts on GNOME too

GNOME 3.6.2
openSUSE Release 12.3 (Dartmouth) 64-bit
Kernel Linux 3.7.10-1.16-desktop

I do many, but not all, of those things.

I have not tried the lancelot launcher (menu system). There’s another option not mentioned in the article. If you right click on the desktop, select the bottom item (“Default Desktop Settings” in my case), you can then click the Mouse entry in the left column, and set what the mouse keys do. I have my middle-mouse key (i.e.click the scroll wheel) bring up a menu).

I do use activities, different appearance and different widgets for different desktops, different desktop layouts, I occasionally (though rarely) find Klipper useful.

I’m a bit surprised by this comment: “Too often, they dismiss KDE as being concerned only with eye-candy, claiming that GNOME is all about efficiency.”

I’d have said that it was the other way around, particularly since Gnome 3. I move from Gnome 2 to KDE, because I found KDE was more efficient. By “more efficient”, I mean that it allowed me to be more efficient.

My favorite KDE items.

Right click on the desktop, Run Command.
Simple effective, sorely missed elsewhere.

A simple underrated app.
Need a shell, F12. Bam! Done.

Sorry for off-topic, but this sentence made me almost fall of my chairrotfl!


Yakuake is since many years the first programm I install after a fresh install under KDE. The best shell thing since sliced bread… :wink: