KDE Ark alternative

is there any recommended Ark alternative for KDE?
I really don’t like that program.

Thanks already,

I try to find one. I know winrar read this WinRAR archiver, a powerful tool to process RAR and ZIP files
And read this Winrar Wont Install

stamostolias, do you realize that Ark is able to handle pretty much any compressed archive (as long as the respective backends such as rar / unrar, p7zip etc. are installed)? The application you recommend in no way is a substitude for Ark (besides: it is not offered by any SuSE-repositories as well).

@shadowstep0705: you might give →Xarchiver a shot. It’s not specifically for KDE, but works well within it. It also does not need many dependencies (if I remember correctly).

Sorry for that.

Xarchiver is, indeed a very good alternative.


file-roller it’s Gnome but it is everything I need it an archiver (pretty much only Gnome app I ever use)

there’s also pea-zip PeaZip - Free file and archive manager for Linux (there used to be a Packman rpm but no longer, issue with their restructuring?)

Q7Z is my choice. To be found in Packman repo. It’s a P7zip gui.