KDE applications on Gnome

Can I use KDE applications like Knode and K3B on OpenSuse 11.3 with Gnome?
Thank you for an answer

Absolutely. However if you don’t have KDE desktop installed as well, those KDE programs will require a bunch of libraires - included in other KDE packages which will get installed by dependencies.

Than it’s better to use similar applications for Gnome desktop, I mean.
Can you suggest me a newsreader like Knode and an application to burn CD? I tried to use Brasero but it don’t allowed to burn Files mp3, instead it has no problems with files video

k3b is great and doesn’t drag much in but brasero is the gnome equiv.

I use thunderbird for news reader, so you can manage without knode

I used k3b when I had kde desktop and It worked well but now Brasero tells me that it cannot manage to burn mp3 files.
About Thunderbird I used too but now with evolution I fell more comfortable.

I use k3b with gnome. It’s much better than brasero. Brasero has never really worked for me.

Run this
Multimedia in One Click

I already did it and it worked for the other applications: I hear audio and I see video; only for Brasero there are problems