KDE Application Menu Subcategory bug

I found a bug in KDE on Tumbleweed. Using the “Application Menu” widget, if I hover over a category that contains at least one subcategory and then hover over one of the subcategories, then go back to another category, it maintains the dimensions of the previous category. (ie. either items not showing that should, or extra space for items that don’t exist in that category.)

The top image shows what the category should look like, the middle image is how it looks when I hover over a different subcategory, and the last image shows how the original category looks if I switch back to it immediately after the subcategory.

It fixes itself if I just hover over a different category with no subcategories.

(My apologies if this is not a good place for this. I was told that typically you’d start with your distro before going upsteam, which is why I am here instead of KDE forums, and Bugzilla seems far too complex for my current Linux knowledge level lol. I assure you, I did try Googling, but the terminology I am using just wasn’t turning up any relevant results. I’m not even looking for a solution or workaround, I just wanted to make sure somebody with more knowledge had this information so that it may get fixed in the future!)

I can’t reproduce this . Did you try to create a fresh user to rule out a broken user profile?

I just created a new test user with “YaST User and Group Management”, restarted, and logged in with the test user, and the issues persists.

Can’t reproduce the issue.

openSUSE Tumbleweed 20230915
KDE Plasma Version: 5.27.8
KDE Frameworks Version: 5.110.0
Qt Version: 5.15.10

Okay, after a little experimenting, I realize now that it’s only happening under Wayland, not under X11.

Yea, I meant to ask if you’re running Wayland.

( For me and my four machines, Wayland isn’t ready for prime-time, which is why I run X11 )

I assume that, you’re meaning the following KDE Forum: <https://discuss.kde.org/>

Possibly, you could take note of Nate Graham’s article describing the current KDE Plasma Wayland state of play: