KDE Application Launcher

This has got to be really easy but I’ve googled and I’m stuck…

How do I add an application to the Application Launcher for all users.



What application
Changes are usually usually independent

Wild stab in the dark here:

What about /etc/skel?

iirc, this is used to initially populate a new users ~ so maybe copying (another blind guess) ~/.kde4/share/config/launchers/whatnot.desktop (from a user account with the launcher already set up) into that folder & create a new user?

Or, isn’t there some system-wide application folder somewhere? /usr/share/xdg* or something, full of .desktop files? I assume you can just plonk another one in there if you find the right place…

I have a couple of scripts that have to be available to all users. They are just rdesktop with seamlessrdp and about a mile of options
to launch various things on a Windows terminal server. If you just right click on the green button and Edit Applications you can put
them in the Start Menu ( for want of a better word ) with a nice icon and it all looks very professional… I wanted to do this for all
users so I figured there must be a default config somewhere I could add them. ( The equivalent of sticking it in the the Default Users
in XP ) I had a look in /usr/share/apps/kde4 and /etc/kde4 and there weren’t any obvious candidates. When I add an application
using Yast for all users how does it add itself to the application launcher for everyone?



I do not know the exact answer, but will throw in some remarks:

When an application is installed through an RPM this works normaly out of the box (thus uncovering to us that there is some way to do this centraly). Thus there must be at least suggestions in such an RPM in which submenu to add an new entry to and more.

Maybe digging yourself in such an RPM. I know that some RPMs do not suggest a submenu (or the submenu does not exiist) and add the entry to Programs (even creating the submenu). I have another one (from the Netherlands Income Tax :frowning: ) that adds an entry in Office applications and then creates More programs to add in there.

Maybe someone here is a packager of such RMPs and know what to do where (that would be a very nice solution to your question). When not and you install software in another way, I guess you hae to search for an answer yourself.

As the central configurations for KDE 4 are in /usr/share/kde4, I suggest you go there and search for the correct file (and the correct way to add).

The end user has of course his personal KDE 4 configs in ~/.kde4/share/ alongthe same lines as the central one. Looking there may unveil some information helping you.

The skeleton for new users only offers what it is for: new entered users. It does not retrofit to existing users wgen you change something there. Besides that, I guess it is not intended (and used) for desktop things. After all who knows which desktop that new user is going to use?

I’m actually not sure about this.
I’ll be interested to see the results…

Yes, a very interesting subject.




look like possible candidates. Both are stuffed with .desktop files, and, looking in Yast, kid3 (an mp3 tag editor) installs a .desktop file into /usr/share/applications/kde4/

I’m going to guess the the /kde4/ subdirectory is only visible to the KDE menu. I’d think that maybe there would also be a gnome submenu is gnome were also installed?

Perhaps shoving it in one of those & logging out/in might be a good one to try?

After wading through masses of documentation I discovered that all you have to do
is dump your something.desktop into /usr/share/applications. It then turns up in
an Applications menu that appears in the launcher. If you use the Categories in the desktop
file such as Categories=Network;WebBrowser; it will go to that area.

Interestingly it sometimes takes the application launcher a minute or so to see any changes



Very good!

I tried by searching inside /usr/share, but I focused on */usr/share/kde4 *finding nothing. Wrong, as you found out.

Looking inside the several .desktop files there brings a lot of information. But I am still not sure where then e.g…

boven:/usr/share/applications # cat skype.desktop
[Desktop Entry]
Comment=Skype Internet Telephony
boven:/usr/share/applications # 

the icon skyp.png must be stored. Well, asking it is easy, here is a possible anwser:

boven:/usr/share/applications # cd ..
boven:/usr/share # find . -name skype.png
boven:/usr/share #

In any case it is nice to know. Thanks for reporting back.