KDE Application Launcher lost an application that was in the launcher

About 6 months ago, I installed an application (jEdit) and then added it to the KDE Application Launcher under “Development”. I had given it an icon and had a startup command. I also added it as a “favorite” in the menu itself.

Today I restarted the laptop and it’s listed in the favorites but without an icon and clicking it does nothing. When I search in the Launcher, it does not find jEdit. There’s also nothing under “Development”. How did this happen?

NOTE: I did NOT do any updates to the system, kernel, desktop, launcher or application. NONE of those have been updated in a week or more.

openSUSE 13.1 KDE

How could this have happened?

IMHO, this can only happen if the created .desktop file (which should be in ~/.local/share/applications/) cannot be opened.

So maybe it has been deleted, you don’t have read permissions for that file, or the home partition’s filesystem got corrupted somehow, unclean shutdown before the changes had been written to disk, the underlying hard disk is dying, things like that.

Is a .desktop file in ~/.local/share/applications/ containing your entry?

But then, why did you have to create a menu entry in the first place? How did you install jEdit?
The openSUSE package (included in the distribution) does include a menu entry, just install it with YaST or zypper and it should show up in the menu (in Utilities->Editor though).