KDE: Applet and Discover show updates after updating

Hello guys,

I have a problem regarding Discover/ KDE update applet of OpenSUSE.
After I updated my system, it shows me that I have 400+ updates available, but when I click on install, it just does nothing.
When no update was available at all, that doesn’t happen. Also, after a reboot the 421 updates are gone and it shows me that my system is up-to-date.
Interestingly is though that the YaST software manager doesn’t show me the updates when checking for them, so there seems to be a problem with Discover.

Is there any way to fix it?
Did I configure it wrong?

Thanks in advance!

Have a nice day! :slight_smile:

You update your Tumbleweed system with

zypper dup


Yeah, OK, thank you.
But I’d like to be able to update it using a graphical interface since my parents are also thinking about switching to OpenSUSE, but the terminal is a real bumper.
Also, using zypper dup, I can’t update flatpaks, which would be great.

In that case, I suggest using openSUSE Leap instead of Tumbleweed – at least for your parents. With Leap, updating with the graphic interface should be fine.

As long as KDE frontend is based on PackageKit, it should be OK in TW as well. PackageKit knows to use “dup” on TW since quite some time. I update TW using GNOME Software application without any issues. Initially I did check with “zypper dup” whether something was missing but now I am pretty confident it works correctly.

Well, yes, I also thought about that already, but I’ve heard that it shall be a lot of work to update from e.g Leap 15.0 to 15.1 etc.
I have no personal experience with that though.

And how can I check whether KDE uses that or not? O.o
Is there even a way to check that? :smiley:

Did that a few weeks ago. Using the “change the repo URLs and then zypper dup” method.
Took me less that half an hour, most of the time reading a book and glancing at the screen now and then.
In fact I assume it is not much more effort then a TW snapshot.

Please take into account that I have fiber to the home (thus a slower connection may require you to read more pages of the book) and only Packman (to which I did a separate " change repo URL and zupper dup to it") as an extra repo.

TW is certainly much more demanding. The amount and frequency of changes are much higher than on Leap.

I use Yast2>software management on TW more than zypper dup. It works well as long as you check the packages showing in red. You may have to downgrade those.

And that is definitely wrong. YaST does equivalent of “zypper up” with all associated issues on TW.

I agree. @peteh100, even if you are happy with what you do, please do not try to propagate wrong practises to other members here.

I’ve never had a problem with Yast but I have with zypper dup. So I don’t think it’s wrong.

Believe me it is wrong. TW gets released over and over again, needs zypper dup as per documentation. F.e. downgrades are not handled by YaST, nor zypper up. Using those will definitely lead to trouble some day.

That maybe what someone recommends but I can’t be that lucky all this time if it “doesn’t work”.

Yeah, you’ve been lucky. https://en.opensuse.org/Portal:Tumbleweed was not made up by ‘someone’ recommending something, it’s by TW’s creators and maintainers. But what the heck, it’s your system. :smiley:

Really? After all this time? That’s hard to believe but I shall keep it to myself in future.