KDE and task bar hiding.

Currently running opensuse 13.2, KDE 4.14.3.

I am using 6 workspaces. I have configured KDE to auto-hide the task bar.

Right now, the task bar is visible on one of my 6 work spaces, and won’t hide. And it is not visible on the other 5 workspaces, and won’t unhide when I move the mouse to the bottom.

I’ve had this happen before. And sometimes it mysteriously fixes itself. It is a bit frustrating.

Is this a KDE bug? Is there a reliable way of getting out of this condition?

I think this is how it started this time. I had downloaded a podcast. I used Dolphin, and clicked on the podcast (mp3 file). That put it into the Amarok playlist and started playing it.

I noticed that Amarok then showed up in the task bar (in addition to the tray entry that is always there). If I clicked on the taskbar item for Amarok, that brought up the Amarok window. If I clicked “close” on that window, it stay in the task bar. I then clicked the Amarok tray item (which brought up the window), and clicked it again to minimize it to the tray. That got rid of the unneeded task bar item. But I think whatever Amarok was doing has something to do with the hide/unhide becoming stuck.

Hmm, I just removed that item from the Amarok playlist, and the hide/unhide became unstuck (started working again). Weird.