KDE and MS Windows?

Hi everyone and hope you have fun rotfl!!!.

About Win vista I never get win vista chunk and the new Win7 I`ll will get for free.
The point of Win7 and I dick very deep into I fund that M$ use 100% KDE4.
Does any one of you agree ?.:slight_smile:

I agree

Thank you for your comment.


No, Win7 does not use KDE4 but rips off many things from OS X and KDE4. You can run KDE4 on Windows if you like though, it supports it but I don’t know how good KDE4 runs on Windows

I saw the pictures/images it looks KDE did you look closely and remark is the clock you can see clearly,but now I can`t find the image.
I will find it and let you know.:slight_smile:


It’s not just Microsoft…

Apple is well known to ‘borrow’ innovations and ideas liberally; here and there. May Xerox’s research divisions R.I.P.


I agree that it’s very similar. And what?
The entire windows/taskbar concept is made by Apple - and it’s used by every Window Manager.

the concept behind windows 7 comes from office 07, I guess when the head of office took over windows 7 he brought the design idea with it. only time will tell how that goes, the design of office 07 is a bit annoying.

But hey, people still claim vista looks like KDE 4, despite vista being out before KDE 4

In the end, I guess everything was taken from everything else. KDE took from microsoft, microsoft took from KDE, they time travelled a few years into the future, took KDE 4, then time travelled back and made it into vista. Apple took from microsoft and KDE, time travelling before microsoft. Now Apple have time travelled ahead to where the human race has contact with aliens, thus taking the alien operating system and travelling back to the past to make that into the next operating system. Microsoft have bypassed the alien race’s operating system and have sent a representative to the spirit world to steal God’s operating system.

in the meantime, I actually care more about how the system works than what it looks like. So I am just going to time travel and bring back the alien operating system.