KDE and Kwin Hotkeys

Back when I used gnome and compiz, i was able to set hotkeys for switching desktops. For example ctrl+alt+right arrow would take me from one desktop to the next one over using the desktop cube effect. How do I set something like this up using Kwin and KDE on suse 11.2?

Application Launcher>Configure Desktop (Personal Settings)>Keyboard and Mouse>Global Keyboard Shortcuts. Use the drop down menu to choose Kwin as the KDE component and switch desktops should be about a third of the way down.

Edit: In Kwin it’s a little bit different. In the pager it doesn’t flip continuously, you have to actually specify a “switch one desktop down/up/right/left” to navigate through four workspaces (if you use 4 workspaces). I only use two so I only have to set the next desktop down/up keys.

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Okay thank you.