KDE and Gnome

I just install suse 11 kde ,how can I install
Gnome too , so I have the choice of the desktop I use.
Any help will be welcome


You might want to download the DVD (preferably using a bittorrent client) which has both KDE and Gnome on it. Then you can go through the advanced install options and specify that both get installed.


You could just install the KDE, and then add gnome desktop later using YAST.

Open the software management in yast.
Select view pattern(maybe group, dont use the qt yast).
Select the gnome desktop system pattern and select it for installation. Voila.

You can do the same with kde4 of xfce if you want that too.

hello, i’m a newbie here… and want to have dual desktop kde and gnome… but…
I can’t find view pattern in s/w managament… there are only show-devel packages and show debug-info packages… i use KDE4… do you mean in filter? gnome packages? and after that checklist all of gnome package?

and after installation how can i change the desktop environtment between KDE and GNOME?


Start Yast2 Package Manager (Dont know if KDE4 also uses packagekit, but in gnome there are 2 software intstallers. Better go with start yast2 and then select software management )
→ Filter → Patterns (The first one) → select gnome base system and/or gnome desktop enviroment → accept and install

If you want to switch the desktop just use the switch at the login screen. If you have autologin activated logout and log in with another desktop setting. Options are located at the left bottom corner.

I have KDE3.5 and I installed Gnome but he isn’t at the left bottom corner