Kde and advanced visual effects

Hey guys. I am using kde 4.3! I have enabled the advanced graphics feautures that kde supports. I have chosen for the type of composition the Xrender because OpenGL is not supported under my system.
I actually face two problems in my system there is a 2-3 secs delay when i try to maximize kde’s windows. Also there is a 1-2 second(s) delay when i try to move the windows from one place to another.

The most serious problem is the first one (the maximizing window problem). Do u know if there is something that i can do for reducing that huge delay? I have tried to enable/disable some effects but still no result.
Thanking yu in advance

Not sure of your exact hardware environment, but you can dictate the speed of the animations. Go to Configure Desktop>Desktop. At the bottom is a drop down menu called Animation Speed. Select something above “Normal” and see if it helps. I had to set mine to “Fast”, because “Normal” was making my 11.2 laptop experience painful. It is very snappy now. Hope this helps.

I dont think its a matter of speed. Currently the speed is set to Fast