KDE after login -- frozen can't get into KDE

Hi there,

how did it happen. I tried to use yast to get a HP laserJet installed and there OpenSuse had a windows like behavior and froze, after 10 minutes I decided to switch my patop off and back on.

I get to the login screen and can put my passwword in, after pressing “login” I see the HDD light flicker for 3 seconds and this is it.

I can get into (ALT + F1) the shell and back to the login screen with ALT + F11.

Tried to boot with recovery mode etc. but noting works, I don’t want to sound offensive, but that is purely Micro$oft behavior.

Is that install now lost? Any idea how to get back into my OS?

Thanks for all those who want to help :wink:

Update: just booted in my 2md OS Lubuntu and checked the HDD: OpenSuse’s root partition had no space left. resizing the partition and will report if it is fixed.

Update: it was a full root partition choking opensuse to a stand still. Booting OK now, what a storm in a tea cup that was :-0