KDE: A way to make Pager widget AlwaysOnTop?

Pager widget, placed outside of the start menu bar, gets obscured by app windows.
It has no window menu and there is no AlwaysOnTop setting in Pager settings.
Any idea how to keep it on top always?

Thanks in advance!

A widget lives on the desktop virtual screen. If you add Show plasma dashboard widget to bar you can bring all widgets to the front. Not sure you can set a widget always to be on top.

For windows you can force to front all the time right click title bar and more actions to set unset it

Thanks gogalthorp, but actually the pager is the only widget I use so I don’t think a dashboard would be of use to me.
I need the pager to keep track which of the 16 (4x4) virtual screens is shown.

If the pager were a standalone program which can be always on top this would be really a good solution, but I didn’t find an alternative pager applet.

Actually what I am looking for is to find out how to make the KDE pager work as intuitively and ergonomically as the FVWM pager does…

P.S.: I guess I better ask these questions on kde.org forums…

Maybe suggest it to the KDE developers. It really is a KDE feature

There is a way to do this that is very customizable. The key to understand how to do what you want is a translation of terminology. What you refer to as “AlwaysOnTop” is known as “Windows go below” in KDE. There is a way to accomplish what you seek. Here’s how:

  • Make sure your desktop widgets are unlocked.
  • Right-click anywhere on the desktop in an unused area. A pop-up menu will appear whose third option is “Add Panel”.
  • Hover the mouse cursor over the option labeled “Add Panel”. A sub-pop-up menu will appear whose second option is “Empty Panel”.
  • Click on the option labeled “Empty Panel”. A new panel will appear with no widgets on it.
  • A dialog box titled “Panel Settings” will appear. Click the “OK” button of the “Panel Settings” dialog. The “Panel Settings” dialog box will disappear.
  • The new, empty panel will have an icon on it that is shaped like a cashew nut. Click on the cashew nut icon. A bar will appear with configuration option including “Screen Edge”, “Width”, “Add Widgets”, “Add Spacer”, and “More Settings”
  • Using the “+” and “-” buttons, triangle shaped button, and “Screen Edge” button, resize the panel to your preferred specifications so it can accommodate the size of pager you want, and move the panel to your preferred screen location.
  • Click the button labeled “More Settings”. A pop-up menu will appear whose seventh option is labeled as “Windows go below”.
  • Click the button labeled “Add Widgets”. The sub-menu with the option labeled "“Windows go below” will disappear, and the “Add Widgets” sub-panel will appear.
  • In the “Add Widgets” sub-panel is a text box containing the instruction hint “Enter search term…”. In this text box enter the word “pager”. The choices of available widgets will be reduced to only the Pager widget.
  • Drag the Pager widget to the new, empty panel and release the left mouse button to place the new Pager in the new, empty panel.
  • Click the cashew shaped icon. The “Add Widgets” sub-panel will disappear.
  • Click the button labeled “More Settings” again. A pop-up menu will appear whose nineth option is labeled as “Lock Widgets”. Click on the option labeled “Lock Widgets”.

Enjoy your new, “AlwaysOnTop” pager. :slight_smile:

Another possibility would be to run the pager plasmoid in a window:

plasma-windowed pager

You can then use the standard kwin methods to put it to “Always on top”.

This also works with other plasmoids as well. You only have to find out the name to pass to “plasma-windowed”…