Kde 6 upgrade brick and nmcli not connecting fix

so i updated my laptop and got logged out and was left with the kde6 brick issue. i tried to connect to wifi and ethernet with nmcli and it connected fine. however no matter what i do it refused to connect to anything online so i cant do sudo zypper dup --download-only then logout and ctl+alt+f1 to ttyl and sudo zypper dup to install from cached unlike on my friends laptop wich worked fine because they had not tried to upgrade yet and wifi for them was still working. my answer for anyone still suffering like me download the latest snapshot iso and put it on a bootable flash drive then boot it and do a system upgrade that fixed my problems. hope it helps

If the upgrade went well up to that point, the packages should have been already downloaded and available in the cache (default behaviour), so it should still be possible to switch to a VT (CTRL+ALT+Fn), login as superuser (AKA “root”) and issue:

zypper --no-refresh dup

to give the upgrade a second chance to complete even without network access.

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i tried that and it just said no packages in cache. but this did work for me and i hope it can help others

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