Kde 4

There are two sets of repos for 4. One is stable and the other is Factory.

On the repos page it says this about kde 4.4 Factory: “These repositories feature the KDE packages under development for the upcoming openSUSE release and includes openSUSE specific patches”.

For reasons that are somewhat involved and that I won’t go into right here I am stuck in openSUSE 11.0 and can’t upgrade until I get a new machine which will be some time.

Is Factory unfinished and will Kde 4.4 Factory work well in 11.0?

Personally in 11.0 I would probably stick to kde3 or Gnome.
It is certainly possible to add the Factory repo but as 11.0 is on it’s way out, ie; support will be dropped, I’m not sure your plan is a good one. If you are stuck with 11.0, just get it updated on the default repo’s, then even if you are running without updates etc… - all should be running nicely nevertheless.

I don’t want to disrupt the forum thread sequence but I thought I owed you a response since you replied to my question, so here it is:

O.K. Thanks.

My pleasure :slight_smile: