Kde 4 webcam issue!!!!!!1

Has anyone noticed their webcam not working in kde 4 apps, my cam is installed and configured properly and works perfectly in kde 3 apps like kde 3 kopete but not kde 4 kopete and it works perfectly in skype as well.

yeah in kde4 kopete and in webkam its not working but in luvcview it is working. Don’t know abot kde3 apps. Weird anyway.

thanks I have made a bug report :slight_smile:

and now snakeeyes? do you know what is the status of the issue? (have the same with kde4 apps, specially kopete)

Hi, yeah its the same still.

how i can preview my web cam?
in windows i can take photo and record movie with my web cam, in suse where can i do that?

r u using kde 4? try installing an app called cheese, have u installed the driver?