Kde 4 users, here is a nice firefox 3 theme :)

Alright, I didn’t make this but I found it through a link on some site and thought I would share it.

This is a firefox 3 theme for kde 4:


I haven’t installed it yet cause u have to have an account for now or something but u can look at the screenshot of what it looks like, and its looking cool.


Thanks for sharing!

Apparerntly Nokia and Mozilla developed a new QT4 branch of Mozilla as well in May. I’d love to see a build of it personally.

That would be amazing. Firefox and Openoffice are the only apps I use that require gtk. I’m not some huge “I HATE GNOME” guy but if I could run just a QT desktop that would be nice. Koffice 2 is shaping up to beat openoffice and even office 2007. So I guess Firefox 4.0 could be the final app I’m looking for, Of course unless the arora browser is as good as it claims it’s going to be.

I downloaded the theme, It needs some touchup work, but Firefox looks 100% better now.

Thanks…the theme looks very nice on my kde4 system.

Thumbs up for this theme :slight_smile: Running kde 4.1 beta and it look so good :slight_smile:

No problem :slight_smile:

I am more excited about this Qt4 version of Mozilla.

i run the kde4-gtk-qt engine which makes GTK apps use QT look’n’feel which works just fine for me.


Likewise, hopefully it won’t get dropped again. Being able to use gt4 widgets in Firefox would be great. In the meantime, this theme should help things :slight_smile:

That’s the theme I’ve been looking for!!

Thanks for the info:)

Hi, can u please a post a how to or something for that cause I am unable to compile it.

Looks great, but is there other way to install it, I dont want to register just for that.

same here…
I dont need another account…there’s just to many of them…
can someone attach the .jar file here?