KDE 4 Tool/status bar question

very much a newbie & first time installer of SuSe.
I have managed to mess up my tool/status-bar such that all the widgets are over at the left-hand side and minimised programs are no longer showing on it. In addition I have lost my sound volume widget.
All in all, a bit of a mess.
Is there an easy way to get back and retrieve the default tool/status bar?
I promise I will try and be more careful with it next time.
Using SuSe 11.0 & KDE 4.

You probably accidentally removed the windows bar (or whatever it’s called in English). Unlock the plasma work space (right click) and add a new window bar via drag and drop.


  1. First right click taskbar (panel in Linux language) and unlock it. If it’s already unlocked, fine.

  2. Right click the panel again and go to “Add Widgets”. (You wont get this option unless your panel is unlocked)

  3. Select “Task Manager” widget from the list and click “Add Widget” button at the bottom. Add “System Tray” widget in the same way.

  4. Now you should be having minimized programs as well as volume control.

  5. To adjust the positions, right click on the panel one more time and go to “Panel Settings”. An extra bar with many setting options will appear above your panel.

  6. Now just drag the widgets on your panel to the positions you like. When you’re done close that extra settings bar.

problem solved. Itś funny how you can faff about trying to sort something for ages and someone with a bot of common sense can put you right in a couple of minutes.
Thanks again all who answered the query.