kde 4 task bar

can anyone please tell me if it’s possible to make the task bar transparent in kde 4? i can’t for the life of me find out how to do it? i did it in kde 3.5.9 easily, it was in control centre, appearence and themes. but i can’t find how to do it in kde 4.

thanks for any responses.

you have to use plasma themes to get the transparency.

Eyecandy for your KDE-Desktop - KDE-Look.org and search for plasma themes

As far as I know some of the transparancy effects of Plasma themes need a composite enabled KWin4.

KWIN4 is composite enabled. AFAIK it will not make the task bar transparent. There are several plasma themes that have transparent image files for the task bar that provide the transparency.

thanks for the help guys. bit silly this feature is not carried forward by default. on one theme it says use for kde 4.1+, but i did a kde 4 update today and am only on 4.04 release 24.2 or something like that…?

by adding the top 2 of the suse 11.0 kde repo’s from here
KDE/Repositories - openSUSE

Hi, I know for a fact that kde 3.5.9 had fake transparanecy meaning it would take the back ground of the imade and place it behind the panel, that feature still isn’t there in kde 4, and kde 4 has to have real transperncy with help of plasma themes soon :slight_smile: