KDE 4 status?

So how is KDE 4 stable by now? People reported that 4.0.x wasn’t stable enough to use daily, but what about the current KDE, 4.1.1? Their info page ( K Desktop Environment - KDE 4.1.1 Info Page ) nicely states “This is a list of grave bugs and common pitfalls surfacing after the release was packaged: None known currently”. Is that true and is upgrading from 3.5 recommended now? Anything to be aware of?

Hmm…I don’t think so that it is “recommended”. Of course you can install/update KDE 4.x without any problem (maybe :)). But, my suggestion is to keep 3.5.9 (if it is installed). It’ll be very useful if you run into some critical bug in KDE 4.x., it happens…

I’m just “playing” with KDE 4.1.1. Exploring the interface, the plasma addons, and other new things, but my opinion is that it isn’t enough stable for every day use (for me), because I’m using an nVidia driver and it has several bugs in KDE 4.x with the most important programs for me like OpenOffice or Eclipse. :expressionless: