KDE 4 Phonon xine-backend Configuration

This is a duplication of another post I have made in the openSUSE forum, but I think that this is a better location for it.

                So I have made an interesting Discovery with regards to using  KDE4 Kaffeine version 1 and Dolby Digital 5.1.  The basic problem seems that  there is no way to configure the Phonon xine Backend in KDE 4 for use with Kaffeine version 1.  There is  however, a xine-config file located at:

There appears to be no GUI way to change the default xine configuration (for use with KDE 4 applications) and while you can do so manually, the options seem bewildering, at least to me.

When you run xine-ui or Kaffeine/KDE3 there is an option to adjust the xine audio configuration using a GUI. Any changes made here are ignored by KDE 4 applications. As luck would have it you can copy the old xine configuration (adjusted by Kaffeine/KDE3) over the new one for Kaffeine in KDE4. The old text file configuration is located at:


If you were to use the old Kaffeine/KDE3 to adjust your xine audio configuration and then copy this file to the Kaffeine Version 1 KDE4 location, those changes should be used by the new version 1 Kaffeine in KDE 4. After Kaffeine/KDE3 audio settings work as you desire, open up a terminal session and make the following file copy. You must overwrite or rename the old configuration file for backup.

cp ~/.xine/config ~/.kde4/share/apps/kaffeine/xine-config

Since this new xine configuration is in the new Kaffeine version 1 KDE4 location, it may only modify how the new Kaffeine works and nothing else running in KDE4, but it is still an interesting find.

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I just upgraded KDE4 Kaffeine to version 1.1 today and the xine setup from Kaffeine/KDE3 still works just fine. I did not seem to notice any differences but here is a short listing:

Kaffeine 1.1 update: Two important fixes and some improvements.

  • adapt to new shared-mime-info (so that .m2t is assigned to kaffeine again)
  • workaround issue that video isn’t shown without changing tabs when using QT 4.7
  • recording schedule: fix sorting, improve column and dialog sizes,
    show a warning about active and pending recordings when closing kaffeine
  • program guide: remove the “Refresh” button (not necessary anymore)
  • channel editor: allow sorting by drag and drop

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