KDE 4 panel, how to configure

openSUSE 11.2 and KDE 4.3.1.

I started my fight with KDE 4.

I found Multiple Desktop backgrounds, KDE 4.3 - openSUSE Forums so at least I can now see the difference between my two desktops.

I plan to do this piece after piece and thus started with the panel.

  1. I found how to make it higher and can thus see what is in it, but how high must it be so the application icons are stacked by twos? In KDE 3 I had two rows of those, how can I get that here?

  2. The applets on the right do have a tiny, tiny (even smaller then tiny) arrow. I found that after thoroughly looking after my Kwallet applet. I had the guts ti click on it and yes there it was (with others I never saw during the session). In short: how to remove this feature/bug so I can be sure that I see what there is too be seen?

  3. The panel is transparent and the wallpaper shows through. My eyes are not of someone 20 years of age. How to switch off?

I hope you understand that I really searched for these configuration things and am not just asking because I am to lazy.


Can’t say I have tried stacking in the panel. I know what you mean. But I never used it in kde3 either.

The transparency is in desktop effects all effects, but I don’t think it affects the panel. You would have to try a different theme, more solid colour (Oxygen) or switch effects off totally.

I have all my launchers in a top auto hide panel. Hang on I’ll grab a screen.

I switched of all desktop effects. First all my window decorations were also gone >:( but after a re-login they were back. The whole environment is a lot more snappy now! Before it was like a thick gravy through a sieve.

Also the wallpaper does not interfere anymore with the panel. :slight_smile: But the panel itself does not even have a solid background of his own. Now I understand why the whole is that messy. This is one of those “it is possible so it must be done and because I like it everybody should like it”.

I saw the yellow star (for your bookmarks I suppose) on your screen. I had the same in my 3.5 panel, but could not find it for the 4. There is a bookmark item in the main menu, but shows a silly Map icon and I could not copy that to the panel. How did you get that on the screen (I hope too use that knowledge to get it in my panel).

Thanks Carl, a little step to getting back to normal.

If desktop effects are off your panel should be solid.

You can’t get a desktop like mine unless you upgrade to 4.4 RC1, that’s the ‘Search and Launch Desktop’. I don’t know of a bookmark shortcut in earlier releases.

Have quick look at this just in case you have an accident
Main Panel - Windows Live

Make a backup of .kde4 now, just in case.

I do not think I will delete the whole panel by accident, but I saw post here earlier by people who did, thus it is not impossible.

A copy of .kde4 now and then while poking around is a good idea. Thanks.

BTW In those pictures you can clearly see that the panel has lighter grey oblique bands in its background. These are not from the wallpaper. I have a complete different wall paper and as said it does not show throufg anymore, but the grey bands are there.

This http://www.xs4all.nl/~hcvv/Bookmarks.jpg shows the Yellow star in my kde 3.5 panel. It gives the same bookmarks as the Konqueror Bookmark Menu, but without having to start Konqui first.

Those are the SUSE AIR theme or just the AIR theme I think and it’s a Virtual Machine too, so no effects either.

I’ll see if I can come up with some info for you in the morning, I have to crash now.

KDE4 - still work in progress, but I made the break well over a year ago and I wouldn’t go back now. It’s a crackin’ desktop now.

No hurry please. I am still on 3.5 for normal work and cross-boot for the tests.

Also I will be away for two days, but will check when I am back.


I’ve been fiddling with this, but can’t seem to get it like you might have had it in kde3, but there are lots of options and new features keep getting added.

Thanks a lot Carl for spending time on this. Switching off the effects does not solve all three questions, but it already improves the whole desktop immensely. I will carry on with my adventures and have no doubt I will start some new threads in the future.

But first I go off for a week of skiing! rotfl!

Take care and enjoy!