KDE 4 or Gnome?

What do you prefer, and why?
As of now, I have no real preference, but I’ve tried out both, and I’d like to get more into KDE, although I think Gnome has a nicer look out of the box.

I don’t yet trust the integration of KDE4 into openSUSE. So I guess I have to say “on temporary practical grounds, KDE3” but I hope the reports from Suse v11 users for KDE4 are good, so I can use it. Good reviews!

I would say it is all personal preference.

Most Gnome people try to convince me that it is better to be minimalist like Gnome.

Last time I used it, not as many programs were listed in the drop down menu and I found it hard to remember what I had installed. Plus I tend to like more of the KDE programs.

But both are fine and I can happily live with either one

I am using KDE 4 under 10.3 right now and havn’t had too many problems.

One time I had the screen go white and couldn’t get it back. I had to Ctrl - Alt - backspace to get out of the x session and start it over.

it could be my vid card as the Ati 7500 Mobility only kind of works under Linux since when they started adding support they only made it so that card sort of works under linux

That’s very promising, maybe I’ll try it on V11 when I install it, thanks

I was KDE 3.x in 10.3 then went to KDE4 in 11.0 RC1 but had a lot of problems with the interface crashing + coming out of suspend on the laptop.

Switched to gnome (skipped KDE 3) and it has been rock solid (plus I can use fingerprint to unlock screensaver :smiley: ).

Not sure what I will use when 11.0 comes out, probably Gnome until KDE 4.1.

I use Gnome under SLED at work anyway.

I use KDE 4. For me, I am more about eye-candy than efficiency. Sure I like things to work well, but any Linux works for me, so the next step is getting one that works well and looks great. KDE 4 competes with Vista’s look, so it’s a must have. I also like the default KDE applications over Gnome’s, so I am used to it. Both are good choices, but minimalism doesn’t seem important, both work equally, but one looks better.

im kde lover but till 4.1 ill use kde3
gnome have just not enough options - to much Console
and btw new kde not just look good but it have a lot new options and i think that that gona be rly good for linux

I’m in sync with gregosmith - it’s all about preference!
personally I’m a GNOME addict. I love its clean and functional interface.

ok- “it’s all about preference!” i agree
but “functional interface”- i don’t use gnome because it is not functional for me
but i have to say again- i agree that it’s all about preferences

On a machine with 10.3 I switch to KDE 4.0 to get a stable version of kdrc/krfb, which was some of the first 4.0-application.
That was okay so now I have installed 11.0 Rc1 with KDE 4.0 on another desktop, and so fare very satified.


When I first started Linux, I started with KDE because I had read that Linus Torvalds favours it and also that Gnome’s underlying philosophy is that the users are not experts(I might be wrong as I do not remember the exact words). I have been loving it since then. Recently when I helped my friend install Fedora 9, I had experience of Gnome. It was good but KDE 3 on openSUSE is much better. As for now, KDE 4 isn’t matured enough IMHO. So I would stick to KDE 3.

Suspend/resume issues are X server (driver) related. It should work the same in KDE or gnome. The tweaks are specified in the hal information files ( not a KDE only feature).

Gnome for me. I’ve been using KDE for couple of years, then switched to Gnome, it’s much nicer then KDE IMHO and more functional. As for KDE4 – maybe in a year or two :wink:

Gnome (as the avatar would suggest).

Clean and without clutter: only shows what I need.

I just find the KDE desktop a bit too cluttered.

Ditto. Started with KDE a couple years ago and moved to Gnome. I sometimes consider going back to KDE but when I use it for awhile, I go back to Gnome. Just get tired of digging for stuff.

wait a few weeks for KDE 4.1 to come out then give it a shot, you may not be happy with KDE 4.0.

KDE 3 > KDE 4 > Windows > Gnome

i just miss amarok (i like cool-streams playlist in player), katapult, doplhin and ark on gnome
i think that i like ubuntu gnome more, and suse have better kde

KDE 3 > KDE 4 > Windows > Gnome

KDE3 > TWM > Windows (for games I can’t get in running in WINE) > MacOS X > GNOME

Waiting for KDE4 to mature a little more.