KDE 4 Live CD does not display properly on Mac Pro

I am trying to install from the kde 4 live cd to my late 2008 mac pro. I have 8800gt graphics. I have selected both live cd and fail safe settings and the screen appears fine all the way up until the loading bar finishes. Once it finishes the screen gets all distorted like my graphics card is not working. Are there any workarounds for this? Maybe not using the live cd? Any help would be really appreciated.

Greetings from openSUSE 11.1! Problem solved. If anyone is interested I booted from the regular dvd iso not live cd and chose vesa for the video drive at the bottom to get through the installation. Then when I went to boot normal boot wouldnt work so I tried again with the fail safe option. It worked out and now here I am.

You could do the same with the live CD. Boot into level 3, and from there set vesa and starx.