KDE/4 Kmines glitch - my world is shattered.

I am running version 4.2.90-66.2_x86_84 of KDE/4 Kmines with KDE/4 version 4.2.90-139.1. I am actually running it from my KDE/3.5 desktop (3.5.10-102.3). Since version 4.2, Kmines will intermittently not respond to single mouse clicks. In each instance, this will persist until I double-click one or more times on a numbered square already surrounded by the requisite number of flags. Then the game will respond to single clicks on virgin squares until the same thing happens again.

Is this a widespread bug, or is it something about my setup?

If I don’t get a good kmines fix soon, I can’t be responsible for what might happen.:slight_smile: