KDE 4, KDESU, XServer & Friends


i am just trying to get OpenSuse 11.0 with KDE 4 running on an innocent notebook before i really deploy it to other machines. One of the first problems i stumbled into is, that KDESU stopped working for NIS accounts. Everything is perfectly OK for accounts defined locally on the notebook.

If one tries KDESU with a NIS-based account it fails. What i found out about it so far:

  • the user authentication is OK (at least it is recorded OK in the log)
  • there is a message in kdm.log as follows:
    AUDIT: [TIMESTAMP] 10719 Xorg: client 27 rejected from local host (uid 0)
  • disabling X access control using ‘xhost +’ solves the problem
  • the same NIS account uses KDESU without any problem on a machine running KDE 3.5.5

Now, its not that i’m paranoid about security, and yes, i could place ‘xhost +’ somewhere in the logins, but i don’t consider this a good practice. So is anybody out there who can put some light onto this issue and its correct solution. I just want to understand whats going on…