KDE 4 Install - Color lines on screen then install stops

Good afternoon,

I am attempting to install openSUSE 11.1 KDE onto a new hard drive I have just installed from the LiveCD.  I have reset the BIOS settings to boot from CD and everything fires up just fine.  I have checked the media file to ensure there's nothing wrong (md5sum is OK, checked from CD).  When the initial menu loads up I choose the first option that appears, 'Install KDE' and the load mask appears.  After about two or three minutes the screen flickers in and out and winds up displaying a set of colorlines (green, blue) on the screen and the CD drive then stops.  I have also tried the 'Failsafe' option with the same results.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

At boot hit F3 and try vesa


 Thanks for the quick response.  I will give that a try and let you know how it goes.

If this does not work, it may be related to the nv driver - I observed the same issue on a HP server with a geforce 8k series test card.

The way to pass that was to boot in init 3 (type 3 into grub) and let it boot in text only mode. Login as root, run sax2 -r -m 0=vesa, save settings and init 5.