KDE 4 don't expand to fit all the screen


I run OpenSuSE with KDE 4 interface. I run it into VMWare. I want to expand the display to fit all the screen, but I can’t. I hit full screen from VMWare, but Suse redraw the desktop leaving white spaces to the right and bottom.

I also changed the monitors, but with no luck. It still remain on 1024x768 monitor when I hit Test, to preview.

How can I make full screen work properly?

Others programs expand correctly, Firefox for example.

I added some screenshots:
Picasa Web Albums - adrianc.grigoras - Errors

Picasa Web Albums - adrianc.grigoras - Errors

Thank you.

How can I update to KDE 4.2.2?


These repositories

KDE/Repositories - openSUSE

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