KDE 4.9 Upgrade

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I meant that KDE 4.8 was already good enough! :wink:
And for what Win is concerned, I run it in double or triple boot with Linux …
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Can anyone tell me if beclock and smooth-tasks2 work under kde 4.9? I can’t live without them.

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Whilst upgrading from KDE 4.8.x, has been a very smooth experience so far, has anyone been able to add this repo’ yet?

Unstable:Playground: http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/KDE:/Unstable:/Playground:/Telepathy/KDE_Release_49_openSUSE_12.1/

'cause all I get is:
Object not found!

This is for the KDE 4.9 release of course :wink:

Just drill and you’ll see the tree
Index of /repositories/KDE:/Unstable:/Playground

There was mention of it in this list [opensuse-kde] KR49](http://lists.opensuse.org/opensuse-kde/2012-08/msg00003.html)
Suggestion was no need for telepathy repo, so to move it up to plain Playground

Thanks for the info caf4926

beclock:) has to be recompiled and works fine, I don’t know what smooth-tasks are, I have to try…:wink:

I like new dolphin, only the renaming online I don’t like, I prefere the old way, it was possible to resize the window and see long names, now not, do you know how to come back to the old way???

I prefer the old way
I can’t recall it now

it was possible to resize the window and see long names

About renaming, KDE 4.7 would give you both options, rename inline (directly on the file name listing) or through a dialog box. IINM In 4.8 much of Dolphin’s code was rewritten and the inline feature was not implemented. A lot of people asked for it - I like it myself - so it’s back in 4.9. In 4.7 you could choose in Dolphin’s settings the option inline renaming (or integrated renaming, I’m not sure). Just uncheck it to get the dialog box renaming style.

Can anyone help fix this?

I installed KDE 4.9 (per the instructions here) and it went perfectly but now I’ve lost some of the openSUSE theming. The taskbar is now gray instead of green. How do I get that back?

Screenshot? would help

Taskbar?? Do you mean the Panel?

All themes OK here. Or is it that you lost effects?
Alt+SHIFT+F12 to toggle on/off

Sorry, yes I meant Panel. It’s gray and no longer translucent. Desktop Effects are still on.

Try oxygen or Slim Glow

On 08/10/12 16:16, caf4926 pecked at the keyboard and wrote:
> Try oxygen or Slim Glow
In the top right corner is a way to select “Activities”. Click on it and
select the one that gives you back the settings you had. This happened
to me on my laptop.


I can’t recall it now[/QUOTE]The way that brunomcl describe in his post


Explain[/QUOTE]If you rename in inline mode, directly in the filename listing, in detailed view, you can edit the name in the room that the name has in the file name listing; if you use the old mode, a dialog box will pop up and you can resize it, also enlarging it with a single click, and you’ll have all the space of your screen to edit the name.

I like it too :), but, speaking from the user point of view becouse I don’t know how much difficult or easy it is from the developers point of view:), if you add a feature, the old one should be optionable, this should allow to experiment the new and to work with the old

In 4.9 I cannot find this option :frowning:

Indeed. The option is not in 4.9.0 anymore. Perhaps in a future release. You could make a request to the author.

I have kde4.9 installed also and the translucency still works for my set-up.
You have to customize it and use the Application Dashboard Panel Background

To do:

Open system-settings(Configure Desktop)-Workspace Appearance-Desktop Themes.
While in Desktop Themes, click Details, click the Panel Background and choose Application Dashboard Panel Background