KDE 4.8 Software Repositories - 11.4 and 12.1 - Dependency Errors

Seems some early KDE 4.8.1 files are getting into the KDE 48 Repos on both 11.4 and 12.1, with unresolvable dependencies.

I am also seeing some issues with updated KDE 4.8.0 rpms showing dependency on missing 4.8.1 rpms.

Something going wrong in the build system?

I usually upgrade via Yast-Software Management-@System Repo-Update if newer versions available.
For now, I am just choosing to not take 4.8.1 versions.

Yes, it’s a good decision to wait until things get sorted out.
I don’t usually update mine to save bandwidth except for important
security patches when I see that mine is working properly.

4.8.1 is being pushed thru
But actual release is due March 6th

Not sure why they put a mix in R48 ATM.But users will have to wait until later next week to use this repo