KDE 4.8 Hibernation issue

Hi all,

Since i have upgraded from kde 4.7 to 4.8, i seem to have an issue with hiberantion when closing the laptop lid. I am using open suse 11.4. Have had a look in power options for kde to make sure that hibernation is set to when you close the laptop lid, but it just does not do it, the screen just blanks and nothing happens. This was working fine under KDE 4.7. Hibernation itself does work as when i go to leave and then select hibernation, it gives the sound and then begins the process and saves everything, and shuts down.

So not sure why this is not working. If anyone knows how to sort this, please do let me know. thanks in advance

One thing to try is start a completely new session (the default is to reuse the same session) and then reboot. This fixed an issue I was having with automatic suspend not working so it may be worth a shot.

Ok what i did was to try a completely new account, so set up a temp account and logged into it, set hibernation on laptop lid close, and that works, so it must be something to do with my current account. Would it be worth it to do a KDE reset by deleting/renaming the ~/.kde4/share/config/plasma-desktop-appletsrc?

Ok just found something out rather intriguing. Have found that in this new KDE 4.8, if one has ktorrent running and torrents are actively downloading, and you try to hibernate, it will not work. But if you suspend all torrents, and then close the laptop lid, hibernate works!

So is this a bug to do with Ktorrent ?? Never had this problem in kde 4.7, had torrents downloading all the time and would hibernate fine. Does anyone know if KDE tells ktorrent on hibernation to suspend all torrents, and then when that is done, hibernate the machine?

I configured my desktop system to hibernate, when the power button is pressed. This used to work fine with 4.7.4 and earlier versions. With 4.8.0 my system refused to hibernate.

What I did, was

tail -f ~/.xsession-errors

press the power button and see the following output:

kded(4223) PowerDevil::Action::trigger: Unsatisfied policies, the action has been aborted

An internet search lead me to Bug 289760 - powerdevil 4.8 RC1: does not react on lid close events due to policies. With KDE SC 4.8.0 the power management was reworked in a way, that applications like apper can signal that they’re currently working and no suspend or hibernation must happen. However, if an application is not well programmed, it can block power management, even if it would be acceptable.

I don’t think, that manipulating configuration files will help you in the long run.

It’s a problem with ktorrent (and also apper). See Bug 294021 - KTorrent inhibits powermanager actions inappropriately for more details.

thanks for the link, went and checked it out and found out that there is an option in ktorrent that was ticked which prevents hibernation, so unticked it and it now works again. for others that have this problem, solution is as follows: launch ktorrent, settings, configure ktorrent, application, then untick option supress sleep when torrents are running.

I can confirm, that problem is connected with Ktorrent!!!