KDE 4.7


is there a repository with KDE 4.7? Can I install it on openSUSE 11.4?


AFAIK the KDE Unstable SC repo contains KDE 4.7 Beta1 (4.6.80) -
KDE repositories - openSUSE

Please read the warning in that link. Not for production systems.

Thank you ah7013, but what about Beta 2? It was released on June 8, 2 weeks ago.

Never mind, I misread. I will try beta 1. Thank you!

Beta 2 hasn’t been released yet. I remember reading somewhere that the KDE team plans to skip Beta 2 and go straight to RC1.

KDE 4.7’s release schedule seems to confirm that. In fact, RC1 would be available very soon if they had been able to follow this schedule.

KDE 4.7 is working great with opensuse. just installed it. kwin improvements are great. unfortunatelly in arch linux (my other desktop) is not that great. but opensuse really made it work.

I’m jealous and wondering how long it’ll be before KDE devs push this new goodness out to Tumbleweed (their plot to give us KDE 4.7 rc2 last week failed due to repo inconsistencies). We were actually on Factory KDE packages to get 4.6.5 with openSuSE branding.

Q: Is KDE Network Manager working?

Last I tried KDE Wireless Network manager was completely bust, workround to use GNOME Network Manager -(4.6.5 in 12.1 M3). But I actually prefer YaST traditional to either NM.

About the NM in KDE 4.7 the upgrade installed the plasmoid client and so of course uninstalled the default applet. I only had to add the network manager element in the system tray options to get the plasmoid working on.