KDE 4.7.*+ Task Manager (Closed apps leaving task)

Has anyone else experienced KDE4.7+ leaving a task of application just closed. (The task is not actionable)
It remains until you start a new application that seems to bump it away.


Yes, same here. Usually they disappear after a few seconds if I switch desktops, else I have to start another app.

Also if the task button order is not set to alphabetic ordered, new task buttons do not align one after another, but tend to go somewhere to the right side of the bar, apparently to where they appeared before IINM.

This started after update from KDE 4.7.0 to 4.7.1 on oS 11.4 64 bit.

That sounds about right
I’ll have to look at the bug reports

Me too


I see this also.
For me it appears to be GTK apps (Firefox and mostly Thunderbird).
Although I can’t confirm for sure that it is not also other native KDE apps.

Usually it disappears from the task manager if another app is opened.
Using Opensuse 12.1 64 with KDE 4.7.2


Yes I have this problem also - few suggestions in


Interestingly, I was running into this problem fairly often on my older 11.3 install w/ KDE 4.7.3 (and, IIRC, began to see it sometime after updating to 4.7.3). However, haven’t run into it yet on 12.1 and stock KDE 4.7.2 (same hardware, x86_64 system, new install of 12.1).

I occasionally see this.

I’ve seen it on 4.7 but it seems this bug is much older than that
Haven’t seen it on this system, yet (11.4 KDE 4.6.5)

actually seeing some quite bizarre behaviour in the taskbar form time to time. Thankfully nothing that needs urgently looking at.
The latest today was where I had a copy of firefox open and also ktorrent. In the task-bar they overlapped each other. Went to take a screenshot of it and it just got worse.